Really good blender tutorials and tips

(none by me)
Blender resources:
-tutorial sites – (recently renamed to Oodles of good tutorials ranging from beginner to advanced. David Ward’s are my personal favorites, though Jonathan Williamson’s aren’t bad either. My “goto” site for tutorials. – Best overall intro to the blender interface I’ve seen. I’m not sure what sort of accent Oliver has, but it isn’t too difficult once you get used to it. – These are both by Aussies, FWIW. Good tutorials for specific topics. – David Ward’s Youtube channel – his Johnny Blender 2 and 3 series are pretty great stuff – complete projects from beginning to end without assuming _too_ much knowledge on the part of the viewer. Each series totals in the neighborhood of 10 hours all told. – the most “official” documentation that exists. caveat: Not all docs have been converted to cover the 2.5 interface. 2.4 methodology is _mostly_ the same, but not always, and the interface layout differences can be confounding at times. (and many hotkey sequences aren’t the same)
It’s a vital resource, but more of a reference than a tutorial site, though there _are_ some tutorials there.

oh yeah, there is a decent blender 2.5 hotkey cheatsheet at – biggest blender-community I know of. Good place to search around on. Plus: lots of inspiring/humbling stuff in the artwork galleries.

-texture sites – this is my “goto” site when I need to find a texture for something. Some are really great, some are less so. The site wants you to register in order to download the hi-res versions. They’ve never spammed me, FWIW, and the preview-versions are useable for most purposes anyway, so right-click/save-image is our friend :^) .

-materials sites – this is the Open Material Repository. Not something I use often, but it’s handy when looking for something sort of specific and can’t get the settings right yourself. Materials download as .blend files. “File/Append” into your own file and enjoy.

-reference images (gimp is _totally_ your friend for prepping [aligning, scaling, etc] references before using in blender) – not bad, not great, but useful. Sorta heavy on cars. – useful sometimes

-model sites
There are very many free model sites out there. When I’m looking for something I usually start with google ex:(helicopter model free 3d) and see where it takes me.
various formats: – I don’t generally care for the models here, but they _do_ have a lot. Sketchup native format is not useful to blender, but (most?) can be downloaded in a blender-importable format.
blender format only: – Everything is already in blender format, and has many pre-rigged characters. Some really nice stuff that’s ready to use.

other programs:
Gimp, of course
Makehuman – really great program, but it is currently in alpha and _very_ fluid. May require some tweaking for Blender-native export to work right.

How to Rig a Spider Leg in Blender 2.5