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TimesPicayuneStatesItem cutting printing to 3 days a week.
Detroit to shut off half of its streetlights.
Having seen Robocop, I’m not surprised about Detroit, but TPSI going down kinds stings.  McKenzies, Schwegmann’s, Katz&Besthoff – you will live forever in my memories.

Thoughts on 2012 Repub Primary process

The Very Poor? Sir, I care not for the Very Poor, for they have safety nets sufficient unto their kind – and if they break, do we not fix them?

Behold our works and take pride! Are the vomitoria not brimming, that the Very Poor can in their turn sup on the bounty of our Great Nation?

-Mitt Romney, 2012

G.O.P: What to do now?


Well, Mr./Mrs. Conservative American, Romney seems destined to win the Republican Primary process.  Many of us are unhappy with this result, and there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth on all quarters.

Let’s take a breath and calm down – what has Romney won? What have the other candidates lost?  Nothing other than the right to lose to Barack Obama in an election that will make history.

What to do now?

Well, is anything actually any different? At the outset of the primary process it was apparent that whoever was selected from the process would require a very strong house and senate to keep him in line.

If that means cheerleading a neo-Reagan to victory, great. If that means working to attain a Veto-proof Congress that stands against the “progressive” onslaught of a second Obama term, so be it.

That Veto-proof Congress needs to be the Next Big Thing in Tea-Party-ite circles. But it must not be the only Next Thing.

The Republican party is in a shambles, torn by divisions between the Theocrats, the Big Govt soft-socialists, and the still-actualizing Tea Party Conservative Revivalist movement.

TSA’s intimidation campaign intensifies

$11,000 fine, arrest possible for some who refuse airport scans and pat downs

TSA is shaking in their jackboots over the Thanksgiving “Opt-Out Day” protest campaign.

TSA airport screeners gone wild in San Diego- again

2010/11/20 San Diego Airport:

Sam Wolanyk stripped down to calvin Kleins and got arrested.

Ronald Powell, director of communications, also stated that there was another arrest of a woman who was allegedly illegally filming the x-ray, and TSA screening process with a video camera. The young woman’s camera was confiscated and she was given a citation and released from Harbor Police custody.

TSA pat-down leaves traveler covered in urine

2010/11/20 Detroit Metropolitan Airport

After going through the screener, bladder cancer was told he needed an “enhanced patdown.” The patient tried to inform TSA screeners of his urostomy equipment, they didn’t want to hear it. TSA needlessly ruptured the seal, which left the patient humiliated and soaked in his own urine. TSA “officers” unfazed and unapologetic.

Georgia on my mind…

  • Ukraine urges Russia to move its warships out of Ukrainian ports
    The Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, back from a visit to Georgia to offer support in its confrontation with Moscow, has introduced tougher regulations on the movements of Russian warships based in his ex-Soviet state. Long at odds with Moscow over its campaign to seek NATO membership, Ukraine’s pro-Western leadership has issued statements backing Georgia’s position and urging Russia to withdraw from the country’s territory. The Foreign Ministry this week reserved the right to prevent ships from the Black Sea fleet returning to base in Ukraine’s Crimea Peninsula if they had taken part in military action.
  • Georgian President grateful for Poland’s help
  • U.S. disputes Moscow claim that Georgian pullout complete
  • US demands Russia return seized HumveesThe United States has formally demanded the return of five US military vehicles seized by Russian forces in Georgia but Moscow has not indicated it will do so, a Pentagon spokesman said Friday.”The United States did demarche the government of Russia with respect to the handful of Humvees,” Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said, referring to the military’s all-purpose, four wheel vehicles.
  • US warship heads to Georgian port with humanitarian aidOne of three US ships carrying relief supplies to Georgia cleared Turkish straits and headed for the Black Sea Friday, where it was due to arrive in the Georgian port of Poti in a few days.The two other ships — the Coast Guard cutter Dallas and the Mount Whitney, currently being loaded up in an Italian port — are also bound for Georgia with humanitarian aid.

New EU anti-terror chief warns of ‘Islamic extremism’

The EU’s new anti-terror coordinator says ‘Islamic extremism’ poses the greatest security threat to Europe.

Speaking in parliament on Monday, Gilles de Kerchove, a former Belgian justice minister, also called for tougher border controls to combat terror.

The former law professor also reassured EU member states that his role was to support, not replace, their efforts in tackling terrorism.