Thoughts on 2012 Repub Primary process

The Very Poor? Sir, I care not for the Very Poor, for they have safety nets sufficient unto their kind – and if they break, do we not fix them?

Behold our works and take pride! Are the vomitoria not brimming, that the Very Poor can in their turn sup on the bounty of our Great Nation?

-Mitt Romney, 2012

G.O.P: What to do now?


Well, Mr./Mrs. Conservative American, Romney seems destined to win the Republican Primary process.  Many of us are unhappy with this result, and there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth on all quarters.

Let’s take a breath and calm down – what has Romney won? What have the other candidates lost?  Nothing other than the right to lose to Barack Obama in an election that will make history.

What to do now?

Well, is anything actually any different? At the outset of the primary process it was apparent that whoever was selected from the process would require a very strong house and senate to keep him in line.

If that means cheerleading a neo-Reagan to victory, great. If that means working to attain a Veto-proof Congress that stands against the “progressive” onslaught of a second Obama term, so be it.

That Veto-proof Congress needs to be the Next Big Thing in Tea-Party-ite circles. But it must not be the only Next Thing.

The Republican party is in a shambles, torn by divisions between the Theocrats, the Big Govt soft-socialists, and the still-actualizing Tea Party Conservative Revivalist movement.

Abe Lincoln, the Greatest Slaver of them all

(This may be the single most unpopular thing I’ve ever comitted to words. That doesn’t make it wrong, though.)

America has had a few really good Presidents, but for some reason the ones most beloved by the public seem to be the very worst of the bunch.

To wit, Abraham Lincoln, the Great Liberator and the Savior of the Nation.

As the bicentennial of Lincoln’s birth approaches, the next year will occasion much overwrought analysis and ridiculous P.C. attempts to retcon Lincoln into the sugar-pillow diversity of the modern times. This oncoming wave of pseudo-intellectual refuse deserves to be rejected out of hand, for the measure of a man must be taken in the context of the times in which he lived.

Nonetheless, Abraham Lincoln was a monster, and rather than saving the nation he singlehandedly inflicted grave injury to the body and soul of the United States of America.

Regardless of what one thinks about slavery – which Lincoln never opposed till it became a necessary tactic to ensure the rich Industrial North’s economic and regulatory hammerlock over the Agricultural South…

Regardless of your opinion on Civil Rights – which he trampled carelessly underfoot when he threw away the principle of habeus corpus (as well as the 1st, 4th, etc. amendments) when he authorized imprisonment without trial of over 18,000 dissenters for the sake of political expediency…

Regardless of the fact that he allowed a political discussion to degenerate into one of the bloodiest wars the planet has ever seen…

Regardless of the fact that he explicitly instructed General Sherman to have his soldiers specifically target civilians in the pursuit of his tyrannical prosecution of the war…

Regardless of all these crimes, the single most painful thrust of Lincoln’s bloody-pelvised aggravated rape of Lady Liberty was his destruction of the right of states to secede.

What kind of club or association can legally, ethically, or morally state that “Now that you have joined us, we pass a rule that you may never leave this voluntary association”?

When Lincoln told the states that they are forever and irrevocably the property of the federal government, he made slaves of us all.

Lincoln was in fact a tyrant and a brutal dictator of the worst sort, and in retrospect it is damned difficult to see John Wilkes Booth as anything other than a true American Hero.