A Good Tachikoma is Hard to Find…

Best I can find (for free) is on the Google 3d Warehouse site. It’s by ALM Modelling, and is absolutely beautiful. Really nicely detailed. Getting it into Blender was a pain – the Collada formatted file imported as a billion emptys and no geometry data at all. Had to use the online sketchup convertor to get it into 3ds. Importing it into Blender results in a scary list of errors, but the model itself imports okay. Except for:

  • It’s huge! It comes in as a zillion individual meshes all named “node####” and bogs down both machines I’ve put it on (neither of which are powerhouses, but should be able to handle a model of this caliber better)
  • Many more mesh/parts than are needed. Many should be consolidated. This is probably a result of the conversion from sketchup -> 3ds -> blender conversion
  • Triangles. ‘Cause triangles are _bad_, mmmkay?
  • Some things are a bit misaligned. Not much, but enough to be asymmetric. Needs fixin’.
  • Nothing is parented to anything.
  • It renders just horribly, due to (I think) a desperate need of retopo.

    .3ds version renders like this. ewww

  • Not rigged. Sure, I knew it wouldn’t be, but I want a rigged tachikoma.

So let the conversion begin!

  1. name the blenderfile I imported the .3ds into something like tachikomaRetopoAttempt01.blend.
  2. create a new .blend called tachikomaRetopoDest01.blend.
  3. (in the “source” file)
    • a – create a new scene Scene02
    • b – in main scene, select one part to be converted, and move it from layer1 to layer3, and also Object/make links to Scene02
    • c – save source .blendfile
  4. (in “destination” file)
    • a – File/Append sourcefile’s Scene02 into destination file
    • b – in scene02, Object/make links to scene01
    • c – remake/retop/remodel the part. When finished, move new version to layer2 and delete original from layer1. Also delete scene02.
    • d – save
  5. 4 – open “source file” and
    • a – move from (in main scene) layer3 to layer2
    • b – delete object from scene02
    • c – go to main scene, pick another part and repeat the procedure.

As I’m not a terrifically good or fast modeller, this is going to take me a while. My plan is to do a few pieces each night, and hopefully I’ll end up with a good, blender-native tachikoma which I will then upload to blendswap.com.

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