So, what’s the dumbest thing to ever cause a war?

This has been going on for 2pla months now.

A Danish author found himself enmeshed in controversy for trying to publish an illustrated book for children of the life of Mohamed – Islam forbids any graphical depiction of Mohamed. FWIW, Islam also forbids any anthropomorphized talking cute furry animals.

So a Danish newspaper solicits from its artists a collection of political/editorial cartoons depicting the founder of Islam.

Muslims across the globe collectively go nuts, demanding the Danish government punish the paper and the artists.

The Danes quite understandably invite the complainers to go get stuffed.

Diplomatic incidents ensue, to no real effect beyond further inflammation of protesting Muslims worldwide.

Papers in other Nordic countries run the cartoons in apparent solidarity. Other papers in Western Europe follow suit, with varying degrees of coy, callow claims to be merely “covering the story.”

A French editor is canned by his paper’s Egyptian owner. Gunmen seize an office of the Europeon Union in Gaza and threaten to kill any Europeans they find there unless European governments and papers issue apologies.

Danish goods are boycotted or run-on, depending on local sympathies.

Western politicians whine apologetically to the “offended” masses of Islam, and some papers pull the cartoons from their websites.

According the the FT article, Hamid Karzai, our fool in Kabul, says “Any insult to the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) is an insult to more than 1 billion Muslims and an act like this must never be allowed to be repeated.”

Kofi Annan, chief dirtbag of the U.N. said that “freedom of the press should always be exercised in a way that fully respects the religious beliefs and tenets of all religions.” Which is to say, not freely at all.

Meanwhile, Fox News talking head Mort Kondracke is saying that Western papers should refrain from publishing the cartoons, because printing them is proof of Europe’s hostility to religion in general. A disgusting attempt to split the difference. What utter crap.

I find it positively astounding that of all the issues that generate friction between the West and Islam, a batch of political cartoons should be the one to cause such a stir.

Iran advances plans to develop nuclear weapons and their leader (re)states a national goal of the complete eradication of the nation of Israel, and the world basically yawns.

The Palestinians elect Hamas terrorists to run their government, which immediately issues a demand that Israel change their flag because they find it “offensive.” Same old same old.

Arab media runs on a constant diet of propaganda and Judenhass that makes the cartoons of the current dispute seem absurdly mild, and everyone politely pretends to not notice. Palestinian televisions routinely shows puppet-shows and cartoons aimed at their children which extol the heroic virtues of suicide bombing, and the global community’s response is a mildly concerned “tsk-tsk.”

Of course, this current problem is really of a piece with the established trend of the harried mother-and-petulant brat relationship that the West and Islam have been following.

Europe, not knowing what else to do, gives in to every petty demand of Islam whenever any Mohammedan anywhere decides to stamp his little foot and hold his breath till his face turns blue.

Financial institutions giving away cute little piggy-banks to its young customers? Swine are unclean, and the banks are an offense to Islam – Banned!

Some kook thinks that the swirly art on Burger King’s ice cream spells “Allah” and launches a protest. “It is an offense to Islam!” The ice cream is pulled from stores and an apology issued.

The “Stumbling toward Kristallnacht” schtick seems to be proceeding rapidly.

Islam’s hypocritical claims of offense increase rapidly, Western politicians dither as they see themselves trapped between a demographic Scylla and an economic Charybdis, and the masses of native Westerners seem to grow increasingly fed up with the demands of a rapidly swelling alien population hostile the the West’s very nature.

I assume that not all followers of Islam are inherently evil, and that not all Europeans are xenophobic thugs, but the shiftlessness of the West’s “leaders” is going to cause those segments to rise to prominence in a sick feedback loop which seems all the more horrible because of the seemingly ineluctable nature of the coming disaster.

Is there a way out of the problem? Yes, but it will not happen. Rather than amputate the infected limb, the world will watch aghast as the poisons spread to the very heart of the West.

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